3 methods for Extreme Mindfulness

Get ready to experience what ice cold water, mind-expanding breathwork and roughhousing exercises will bring you! Learn how to challenge yourself in a healthy, playful way to and find comfort in discomfort.

Join us this weekend to deepen your Wim Hof Method (WHM) experience. The 3 components of the WHM (breathing, mindset and cold) are combined with the movement method Kinesica and exercises from different martial arts.

What will you do

Breath: Learn to optimize your breath to relax or energize yourself to improve your mind-body connection. From mastering your breath and learning to relax at rest, we will take these skills to more complex and challenging situations (movement challenges, fightplay and cold exposure).

Move: Kinesica is a method of physical training to help you move with the ease of a child and the power and precision of an adult. You will learn this through movement games and play.

Play: Naturally, we learn how to deal with physical interaction through play. All animals know a form of ‘fightplay’, or so-called roughhousing. For adult humans there is often a lot to gain by learning how to play again – through cooperative and competitive games.

Freeze: Of course there will be plenty of cold training! We will have a daily ice bath and the opportunity to swim outdoors in freezing cold water.

Relax: To grow, heal and strengthen yourself it is vital to be able to relax effectively and deeply. You will learn how to find deep physical and mental relaxation and gain crystal clear focus.

The Instructors

Paul Plasman is certified Wim Hof Method instructor and Russian Martial Arts Systema instructor. He will help you explore the outer regions of your comfort zone while staying in an relaxed state of mind & body. Breathe, relax and play.

Xander Barel is behavioral scientist, Combat Sambo Systema Instructor IV, one of the founders of Kinesica and a certified resilience trainer. His work focuses on analysing and facilitating education and personal growth. He uses psychomotor work and martial arts as tools to identify and remove obstacles in the path of development.

What to Expect

  • An amazing weekend in a beautiful setting in the Netherlands
  • Breathing exercises and meditation
  • Daily cold exposure and ice baths
  • Swimming in freezing cold (natural) water
  • Delicious food
  • Increase your strength and flexibility by moving in a way that is suitable for your body
  • Meeting like-minded people to deepen your practice

Practical Info

Costs: €575 for an all-inclusive weekend.

Location: Smalhoorn, Oranjekanaal Z.Z. 19, Orvelte

Food and lodging: This weekend includes all meals & drinks. From dinner at Friday evening until lunch at Sunday afternoon. You will share a room with other participants.

Dates and time: Currently, no new dates have been scheduled yet. Want to stay updated? Send us a message and we will keep you informed!

Preparation: Additional information will be given after you register.

Language: English (or Dutch if all participants are Dutch), translations can be provided if necessary.

Register / further info: Use this link to send us a message.


Some experiences of our participants.

November 20, 2022

I came out of curiosity to discover the Wim Hof method but I discovered much more with the Breath Move Play. Douwe, Paul and Xander were very professional and keen to share their knowledge in a fun and safe atmosphere. They took us on an amazing journey though mindfulness showing us the door to what your body and mind can achieve and left us with some life long learning.