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This is a weekend to deepen your Wim Hof Method (WHM) experience in a playful way. The 3 components of the WHM  (breathing, mindset and cold) are combined with the movement method “Kinesica” and FightPlay.
Through the combination of these methods, it becomes easier to apply the learned principles in daily life, work and sport.


Breath: Learn to optimize your breath to relax, energize yourself and get better control over body and mind. From mastering your breath and learning to relax at rest, we will take these skills to more complex and challenging situations (movement challenges, fightplay and cold exposure).

Move: Kinesica is a method of physical training to help you move with the ease of a child and the power and precision of an adult. You will learn this through movement games and play.

Play: Naturally, we learn how to deal with physical interaction through play. All animals know a form of ‘fightplay’, or so-called roughhousing. For adult humans there is often a lot to gain by learning how to play again – through cooperative, competitive and combative games. By explicitly involving an element of play learning is not only fun, but you will also learn faster.

Freeze: Of course there will be plenty of cold training. We will have a daily ice bath and other exercises and play in nature.


Douwe van den Berg is WHM instructor, breath coach and Kinesica trainer. He is fascinated by the body/mind interaction and has researched this in many different ways (meditation, acrobatics, anthropology, etc.). He started the WHM in 2012 and is one of the first instructors of the method. Currently, he is actively involved in the WHM academy (teaching the teachers).

Paul Plasman is WHM instructor and Systema instructor. As curious Quantified Self-er, he is discovering the world inside and outside himself in a playful way. He is fascinated by the role that breathing plays in mental and physical performance.

Xander Barel is a behavioral scientist, Combat Sambo Systema Instructor IV, one of the founders of Kinesica and a certified resilience trainer. His work focuses on analysing and facilitating education and personal growth. He uses psychomotor work and martial arts as strong tools to spot and remove obstacles in the path of development.


  • “3 levels of Mindfulness/interaction” – in interaction with yourself, your surroundings and the people around you.
  • “Extreme Mindfulness” – staying calm & relaxed during mental and physical challenges
  • Breathing as a tool to regulate your state – activating, calming, healing.
  • Optimalizing your system – for a healthy, flexible body that can move freely and effortessly
  • Focus and eu-stress (positive stress)
  • Play as a tool – increase your physical and mental resilience


  • An amazing weekend in a beautiful setting in the Netherlands
  • Breathing exercises and meditation
  • Daily cold exposure and ice baths
  • Swimming in freezing cold (natural) water
  • Relaxing around a campfire
  • Delicious food
  • Increase your strength and flexibility by moving in a way that is suitable for your body
  • Meeting like-minded people to deepen your practice


This weekend is suitable for both beginners and advanced WHM practitioners. The most important requirement is a curious mindset. Since there will be physical exercises involved, you should be fit enough to work out a bit (don’t worry, you don’t need to be a professional athlete). All exercises can be done on different levels, so regardless of your experience, you will get a lot out of this weekend.


Costs: €450,- until the 1st of December (early bird), €500 afterwards.

Location: Hof van Axen, Bosweg 4, Witteveen.

Food and lodging: This weekend includes all meals & drinks. From dinner at Friday evening until lunch at Sunday afternoon. You will share a room with other participants.

Dates and time: Friday February 14th 17:00 – Sunday February 16th 17:00

Preparation: Additional information will be given after you register.

What to bring: Comfortable clothes, swimming gear and a sleeping bag.

Language: English (or Dutch if all participants are Dutch), translations can be provided if necessary.

Register: Here! Or send an email to info-at-breathmoveplay.com

Some reactions from participants

You know how to create an incredible atmosphere which allows for a lot of fun and playfulness, while maintaining a safe environment in which everyone has the best possibilities to learn.

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